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Max Packaging History

As a leader in custom packages, Max Packaging offers you a wide selection of Food Service Kits, Hospital Diet Kits, Coffee Condiment Kits to perfectly match your culinary interests or specific dietary needs. From traditional condiment favorites to a myriad of special delicacies, Max Packaging is ready to fulfill your needs.

Salt, pepper, sugar, sugar and salt substitutes, coffee creamer, ketchup, mustard, creamer, soy sauce, hot sauce, mayonnaise, crushed red pepper, instant coffee, salad dressings, Sweet Nothing', dipping sauces or whatever else you can imagine.

Max Packaging offers even the smallest details to insure our customers' total satisfaction. That's why we take the time and care to think of those little accessories that can help to make your dining experience the best it can be. Go ahead and spoil yourself by selecting from our diverse listing of accessories such as: straw, stirrers, toothpicks, moist towelettes, candies, and more! We custom print napkins (1-2 colors) and film (1-6 colors) with logos to make your customers feel extra special.